Software, what delight,
type, design, exercise your mind.
I share with you,
one or two of my creations,
may they spark in you,
the same light.
Gregory Vinčić
the developer


can Command line interface to openai.
gocolor Color go test and go doc output using vt100 colors.
goindex Index and grab sections of code.
miniplan Planning tool with zero fuss.
order Line ordering using regex templates.
trim Shorten long lines while trying to keep important information.
uncover Show uncovered code from go coverage reports.


align Needleman-Wunsch sequence alignment.
digest Header generator.
draw SVG diagrams generation.
rs Resource system with unix style access control.
testnet In memory network connection for testing.
uptime Calculate and format duration.
vt100 Parsing escape codes.
web HTML generation package.

Data packages

binext File extensions considered to be binary.
country Names & codes.
english Dictionary words.

Demo projects

dockerdemo Link containers in docker compose.
record-stuff Record audio to remote service.
wsdemo Use gorilla/websocket with javascript.
xtest Ways of creating test suites in Go.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."


Go; Introduction backend development
An introduction to the concepts in Go used when working with backend web development, 2024. [source]
Go; Design for change
How design choices affect the evolution of your code and why you would choose one design over another, 2023. [source]
Go concurrency design
Background on the Go concurrency design, examples, issues and solutions, 2023. [source]