Enjoying Pipes and Tobacco since 2018

by Gregory vinčić


At an age of 42 I decided to give pipe smoking a try. This was mid 2018, one of the hottest summers I can remember. I've always been an avid opponent of smoking cigarets and I think I still am, though maybe not as avid as before. My reason for taking up this esoteric hobby is I needed something to slow me down. Slow down and reflect on what has passed. Hopefully my life will be a richer one because of it.


The list is sorted by my preference.
  1. Bell's - Three Nuns
  2. Ashton - Consummate Gentleman
  3. Captain Black - Royal
  4. Captain Black - Gold
  5. Davidoff - Scottish Mixture
  6. Seattle pipe club - Plum pudding, special reserve
  7. Ashton - Guilty Pleasure
  8. DTM - S.V.H.
Waiting to be tried


I enjoy using things that have a history. This often means they need to be of certain quality to last the tides of time. One day I might buy an estate pipe with some history, but for now I'll give my pipes their own.
  1. Chacom, 1202 - Full bend black rustic, 2019
  2. Rattrays, Glory Days - Poker black rustic, 2018


Tamper, made my own with two types of wood and a large screw. After burning my fingers a few times I invested in a pipe lighter from Peterson. It's tilted soft flame is perfect for lighting pipes.