The Paper Plane Journal

No. 12020-12-236k

Word from the editor

Gregory Vinčić

Time to renew the blog. Some time ago I wrote about pilot certificate stuff, as I was trying for a certificate. The site has been down for a few years now but I figured it's name, is great for my blog. Sadly I never finish the course, though it was a solid education. As it stands the name is great, and should not be wasted. So as of now The Paper Plane Journal is the name of my personal blog. I've archived The secret within you., and it'll probably be available for some time to come.
2020 has been a year to remember, working remotely, less exercise but a whole lot of software development. Also I started to improve the workshop, more on that later. Enjoy the read!

Draw v0.17.0 released

Sequence diagrams now have the ability to group columns with a background color and description.

Carving chess pieces

White queen, horse and pawn are done. I like the simple style, especially the horse needs to be horselike but without details. The base is 23mm ∅, the pawn and horse measure 48mm in height and queen 61mm. Not sure if the horse is to small or pawn to large.

CSS grids

In the past layouting elements on a page was done, first with tables and then with div elements. They are quite inuitive and you can do a lot with them, however when it comes to dynamically changing layout based on display size, ie. device, they are limited. The complete guide to Grid is an excellent source on using them.

The changelog

web.LinkAll provides simple way to add links postmortem to html.

⋄ ⋄ ⋄

gregoryv/rs is at v0.4.1 though the main branch has a fix for import modes.

⋄ ⋄ ⋄

Master is evil

Github now defaults to a main branch, I guess the word master is evil and should be avoided. Still it's easier to have all repositories following a standard so main it is.

The secret lies with the broken gate!