The Paper Plane Journal

No. 32022-12-275k

Manage visitor expectations

What really happens when a server goes down? most of the time it may annoy the visitor whose expectations aren't met. How about changing those expectations with a simple, Site is accessible when my computer is running. Roughly 06.00 - 22.00 Central European Time (CET).

Gophers on excalidraw

Excalidraw is my number one tool for freehand drawing diagrams. Gophers are cute and I created a couple to be used in various logos. Embraced by the community they are now part of the default Excalidraw library.

The changelog

A turbulent year in politics but productive in software. MQTT packages gregoryv/mq and gregoryv/tt are public, though still need work. Tools suchs as ifind and gocolor received some attention as well.

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2022-01-07 country v0.1.0
2022-02-19 gomerge v0.6.0
2022-03-29 golden v0.7.1
2022-04-14 cmdline v0.12.0
2022-04-16 cv v0.3.0
2022-04-16 tiny v0.1.0
2022-04-16 inventory v0.2.1
2022-04-21 draw v0.25.0
2022-05-10 cible v0.5.0
2022-05-22 website v0.5.1
2022-05-30 goproject v0.1.0
2022-06-12 dojo v0.23.0
2022-06-29 cams v0.1.0
2022-07-08 goindex v0.3.2
2022-07-17 jarvis v0.2.0
2022-07-17 web v0.24.0
2022-07-25 testlog v0.3.0
2022-08-13 nexus v0.6.0
2022-10-29 dockerdemo v0.1.0
2022-11-01 wsdemo v0.2.0
2022-11-08 another v0.1.1
2022-11-10 filechange v0.3.0
2022-11-18 uncover v0.7.0
2022-11-19 miniplan v0.5.0
2022-11-19 gophers v0.1.0
2022-11-27 vt100 v0.3.0
2022-11-27 gocolor v0.7.0
2022-11-29 mysetup v0.3.0
2022-12-04 mnemonic v0.2.0
2022-12-13 mq v0.26.0
2022-12-17 tt v0.6.0
2022-12-21 trim v0.3.0
2022-12-25 find v0.6.0
2022-12-25 binext v0.2.0
2022-12-26 ppj v0.1.0