The garage fits two cars and a 5 by 2.2 meter workshop area.

My projects

Mobile table saw

I used the assembly table for a while as an extension of my table saw. This was ok, but having the table saw fixed was less so. Made a 2 by 0.8m table especiall for the table-saw. The dust collection system still needs to be extended though.

Assembly table

After doing some concrete work for my new office table I had a large piece of white board over. Added a frame and placed the hole thing on coupboards from the old office table.

Ended up with a really nice, mobile assembly table with additional storage below.

Online retailers

Buying a nice tool of great quality really makes my day. I often visit the local hardware stores. However the rare quality tools I still mostly find online. Here are some retailers I've bought tools from.

Fine Tools

Located in Germany. Ordered a small chisel set and couple of water stones for sharpening them.


Located in Germany. I procured my first japanese hammer and a long mallet from them.

C.I. Fall

Located in sweden. Thinking of buying a chisel set from these guys. Looks promising.

S. Djärv Hantverk

Located in Sweden. Got me a small wooden carvin knife.

Doch & Danola

Located in Denmark. Bought the dust collector from these guys. I went with the Record Power 4000 and some accessories.



Looking for a nice lathe and I think the Aminster AT350WL (or AT1416VS) is the one comming on top right now. Compared to its competitors, e.g. the midi pro from drechselmeister, it seems to be the least noisy.

Jack Plane

When it comes to planes many people recommend the low angle jack plane as a first plane. The Veritas looks really nice, I especially like that it doesn't have a skrew on the top of the front handle. On the cheep plane I have now, the screw chafes the palm quite quickly.


For the valley stand I have in mind I will need a way to make those nice bendy shape. I think the spokeshave will be a perfect tool for it.

Cabinet rasp

Now these things are just beatiful. The french maker Logier has been making them for over 100 years.

Honing guide

Think this one is a must if I'm to hone anything correctly in the shop.

and much much more...