The garage fits two cars and a 5 by 2.2 meter workshop area.

Mobile table saw

I used the assembly table for a while as an extension of my table saw. This was ok, but having the table saw fixed was less so. Made a 2 by 0.8m table especiall for the table-saw. The dust collection system still needs to be extended though.

Assembly table

Online retailers

Buying a nice tool of great quality really makes my day. I often visit my local hardware stores though the rare quality tools I find online. Here are some retailers I've bought tools from.

Fine Tools

Located in Germany. Waiting for couple of water stones and a small chisel set.


Located in Germany. I procured my first japanese hammer and a long mallet from them.

C.I. Fall

Located in sweden. Thinking of buying a chisel set from these guys. Looks promising.

S. Djärv Hantverk

Located in Sweden. Got a small wooden carvin knife.

Doch & Danola

Locatd in Denmark. Still waiting for a dust collector from these guys, will let you know my thoughts once it arrives.