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Gregory Vincic

Technical skills




Gregory is an experienced system developer with a focus on backend and web development. In recent years, he has focused on backend in large-scale systems. With his appetite for technology, high motivation and drive, he has successfully implemented many projects. He is a high-performing developer who strives for, quality and maintainability in his solutions. Gregory likes to share his experiences and has held several courses in the Go language.

Experience (22 years)

Hospitality VostioAssaAbloy2020 - 2022

Access control systems for the hotel industry. Services that communicate with IoT devices to encode cards that are then used in their various locking platforms.The IoT communication has been built on the AWS IoT platform with MQTT protocol. Worked in an extremely close-knit team that handled everything from embedded firmware development to cloud services. Contributed to both new cloud services and further development of applications on the devices.

— Go, AWS, Lambda, Cloud-formation, Gitlab, DynamoDB, MQTT

ConfidentialAxis2019 - 2022

Cloud service with microservice design with automated CI.Automated the entire flow from development to production with github workflows. Focused on a high test coverage at unit level. Resolved issues with database update during deployment to avoid downtime in the service.

— Go, AWS, Lambda, DynamoDB, Github, Jira, Confluence

ConnectAxis2017 - 2019

Upgrade service for cloud connected cameras and speakers.Got into the project early with a great opportunity to influence the design. Implemented packages for gradual database updates and made it possible to test the system on a large scale with thousands of virtual devices. The focus towards the end was on proxy traffic between IoT and the cloud where performance was in focus.

— Go, Python, Kubernetes, AWS, Gitlab

AVHSAxis2015 - 2017

Backend for video hosting system in the cloud. Developed several new features in the existing system and drove modularization and CI integration for several parts of the product. The product was gradually broken away from a monolithic system in smaller services with the goal of being able to run in Docker on AWS. Held trainings and presentations on quality work and testing as well as design of REST based backend systems.

— PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, MySQL, Apache2, HAproxy, Go, Docker

Solution DesignerAXIS2014

Web application for planning surveillance projects with AXIS camera products. An existing application was expanded with new report views including a graphical display of their product range.

— Sproutcore, Javascript, Grunt, PhantomJS, Git, Jquery, JqueryUI

HypergeneHypergene AB2011 - 2014

Plattform for building business intelligence solutions. In this project I improved the continuous integration tools and test process. In the product I worked initially on the web GUI with technologies such as Senchas extjs. I was responsible for the strategic management module of the system.

— BI, ExtJS, Python, PHP, Javascript, Phing, Continuous Integration, Trac, Subversion

Proteios SELund University2007 - 2011

A multi-user platform for analysis and management of proteomics data. In this project I was lead developer writing code in all layers. My main contribution would be the design of a framwork for writing GUI using java only wich translated into HTML and javascript.
Was also involved in teaching Perl for bioinformaticians. Responsible for architecture and framework development.

— Proteomics, Ant, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS

svntracLund University2008

Trac and subversion management script. Easily setup and backup instances of trac connected to a subversion repository.

— Subversion, PostgreSQL, Perl, Linux

BitBockLund University2008 - 2009

Web interface for command line tools in a cluster environment. With this tool I tried to solve the issue of creating useful graphical userinterfaces for many command-line tools which are used in cluster environments.

— Cluster, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bash, Linux

BASE Migration ToolLund University2005 - 2006

Large data migration between BASE 1 and BASE 2 versions.

— Bioinformatics, Java, MySQL, Hibernate, Ant


E-Shop with payment services through Debitech.

— E-Shop, Zope, Python, Java, Debitech

XMLbasedSRSTop Right Blue2002

Requirements engineering using standardized XML documents. Open source project I started while running my own business Top Right Blue, to help my customers elicit valuable information for new projects.

— XML, XSL, HTML, Javascript

CadtorgetInnodev AB2000 - 2001